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about us

What is the most important thing in our world? Is it our history, the new innovation, or is it something else? To people at Morthan, it is easy to answer: our next generation, our children are the most important - we are going to pass on the world to them and they are going to shape the world!

We all want the world to be a better place and we want our kids to achieve a height that we could never reach. We want them to love the world, to appreciate our history, to be creative and have a passion for new technologies.


That’s why we launched ‘Defend Tower Bridge’, a game combines the traditional 3D puzzle and newest VR technology; a game gives children the hands-on experience the build the tower bridge puzzle, then view the puzzle through the cutting-edge technology themselves.

around 2015

William is an ambitious, overly-educated, 

under-experienced dreamer.

He said to himself, "I want to do something different, a business of my own."

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